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Feel Safer with Toyota Safety Sense in Jasper, Alabama!

January 15th, 2017

While most people spend a lot of time looking into what vehicles will bring them the most torque or technological convenience, it’s those who truly want what’s best for themselves as well as their passengers that will get the vehicle of their dreams. One of the most important things one can look for in a vehicle is safety. While being able to go fast is very exciting, going fast is only as good as how fast you can stop. Accidents happen all the time, often without warning, and can cause serious damage to both you as well as the car itself. That’s why it’s a good idea to go with a Toyota vehicle; not only has Toyota created a plethora of fantastic models to choose from, but most of those newer models come with Toyota Safety Sense. This revolutionary safety system was created to keep the people inside the car just as safe as those outside the car. So if you’re looking for a great car that can keep you safe on the road, you’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to Toyota vehicles from Scott Crump Toyota in Jasper, Alabama. Let’s take a closer look at Toyota Safety Sense to see just how this brilliant safety system can enhance your driving for the better.

toyota's safety features

Toyota Safety Sense Features

The features offered from Toyota Safety Sense with Scott Crump Toyota in Jasper may vary from vehicle to vehicle, but all of them are designed to provide the utmost protection to the driver and passengers. In fact, there are two packages that Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) comes in; Toyota Safety Sense C for compact vehicles, and Toyota Safety Sense P for midsize and larger vehicles. Both provide excellent protection, they are just adapted to the size of the vehicle. TSS C features three proprietary safety features that use a camera and a laser to give outstanding performance and reliability. These help prevent and avoid accidents as they come under a variety of vehicle speeds and other conditions like weather. TSS P uses a combination of an in-vehicle camera and a millimeter-wave radar mounted on the front grille in order to enhance performance and functionality. Both packages have a Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alerts, and Automatic High Beams. The differences are in the extra features given in the TSS P package, which include safety precautions to protect pedestrians, steering assist, and things that would require radar like the Dynamic Radar cruise control. For more exact information on these features, simply download the brochure offered from the Toyota manufacturer’s site to get all of your questions about this wonderful safety system answered!

Scott Crump Toyota Selection


While Toyota Safety Sense is definitely a must-have, it is put into a variety of Toyota models that you can easily find at Scott Crump Toyota’s dealership in Jasper. There you’ll find a plethora of vehicles, services, and specials that will have you riding out of the lot with the dream vehicle you’ve always wanted as well as a little more cash left in your wallet. Check out Scott Crump Toyota’s lineup of new Toyota models, or take a look at any of their affordable pre-owned and used inventory. They have models that are sure to fulfill your daily needs, whether you’re interested in a Toyota Tundra or a smaller, more practical Toyota Camry. The best way to find out is to simply click online, pick up the phone, or stop by this dealership today!

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When you want a quality car that can also keep you and your family safe, you want a Toyota model offered from Scott Crump Toyota in Jasper. With the Toyota Safety System in tact, you can be sure that your driving in Jasper will be just as enjoyable as it will be safe. If you want to learn more about other Toyota safety features, or if you’re simply dying to look at those new and pre-owned Toyota models, call, click, or come by Scott Crump Toyota today!