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10 Features for the Toyota Highlander near Tuscaloosa

January 30th, 2017

If you are looking for a new or used car and live in the Jasper, Alabama area, then come down to Scott Crump Toyota and check out our diverse inventory. On car that stands out from the rest is the Toyota Highlander near Tuscaloosa. The Highlander is one of the best available crossovers on the market because it is built to perform at the highest level, loaded down with plenty of technology, and equipped with a first class safety system to keep all passengers safe.

Toyota Highlander performance

Built to Perform

  1. The Toyota Highlander near Tuscaloosa has the option of putting in a 3.5 liter V6 direct injection engine which gives you the perfect medium between power and efficiency. This engine helps to give you of plenty of acceleration while also efficiently using gas while on a road trip so you can limit your trips to the gas station.
  2. The Highlander also comes with an all-new direct shift-8AT automatic transmission which helps to deliver the ultimate driving experience to you.
  3. An available feature for the Toyota Highlander near Tuscaloosa is a stop and start engine system which automatically shuts the engine down when it is at rest and starts back up when the brake pedal is released allowing you to get on your way and conserve fuel.
  4. Another available feature for the Toyota Highlander near Tuscaloosa is dynamic torque-control all-wheel drive. This helps the highlander to maintain control while on the road by sending engine power to the front and back and manages the vehicle’s braking giving the driver constant control of the car.

Toyota Highlander interior

Packed Full of Technology

  1. The Toyota Highlander near Tuscaloosa comes with the option to put plenty of technology on the inside like USB ports allowing you to keep your smart phone fully charged while on the road.
  2. The Highlander also has the option to have a bird’s eye view camera in your car so you can get into even the smallest parking spots. Another feature that goes with the bird’s eye view camera is a perimeter scan which shows a live, 360 degree view of what is around you while you are parked.
  3. The Toyota Highlander near Tuscaloosa can have driver easy speak installed in the car which allows the driver to use a microphone to talk to the passengers in the back through the speakers.
  4. The Highlander also has the option of installing a three-zone automatic climate control in the car so that everyone can stay cool because it allows the driver and front passenger set their own optimal temperature in order to stay cool.

Toyota Highlander Interior 2

Safety Comes First


  1. The Toyota Highlander near Tuscaloosa also features a Star Safety System which includes many active safety features which includes traction control, anti-lock brake system, enhanced vehicle stability control, and many more.
  2. The Highlander also features an advanced airbag system built to protect all passengers in the car in the event of a collision. This airbag safety system includes driver and front passenger dual stage airbags, a driver knee airbag, a front passenger seat-cushion airbag, and roll-sensing side curtain airbags meant to keep all passengers safe in the event of a collision.

Come Check Out the Toyota Highlander near Tuscaloosa Today!

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